Shortlist 2024


Awards night:

We're delighted to announce the shortlist for 2024's Publisher Newsletter Awards!

The winners will be revealed in an in-person celebration on Tuesday 23rd July 2024 in London.

Content Awards

Best B2B Newsletter

Whether your newsletter is about a global or a niche industry, if it’s for a B2B audience, this is the category for you.

BusinessLive North West, BusinessLive - part of Reach plc

Crypto Long & Short, CoinDesk

Due Diligence, Financial Times

Full Disclosure, Financial Times

Immersive Wire, Immersive Wire

The Audiencers' Newsletter, The Audiencers

The Inside Lane, MVF

Best Daily Newsletter

This category is for newsletters publishing daily content to keep readers up-to-date with the fast-paced news cycle.

Please note: This category was created from the general 'News' category after entries closed.

Disrupted Times, Financial Times

FirstFT, Financial Times

Lunchtime Espresso, The Spectator

Morning Report/Evening Review, The Week

The Knowledge, DMGK Ltd

The Northern Agenda, Reach Plc

West End Final, Evening Standard

Best Entertainment & Culture Newsletter

From cinema to TV to books, from celebrities to gaming to podcasts, this category spotlights newsletters that bring recommendations and reviews to their audience’s inbox.

LMAOnaise, Zoe Paskett

Plot Twist, The Economist

Sketchbook, Rough Draft Atlanta

Something Good, The Conversation UK

The Ankler, Ankler Media

The Arts Edit, The National

The Guide, The Guardian

The Skinny Zap!, Radge Media

The Watch List, Stylist

Your Royal Appointment Coronation Editions, The Telegraph

Best Food & Drink Newsletter

Whether you’re discussing making the perfect roast or the best wine to pair with it, the newsletters in this section are sure to tickle your tastebuds.

Good Food weekly newsletter, Immediate

Side Dish, Rough Draft Atlanta

The Irish Times Food and Drink Club, The Irish Times

The Take Away, The Spectator

Best Health & Lifestyle Newsletter

This category is for newsletters looking to help their readers live their best lives, through improving their finances, careers, relationships, skills, family life and more.

Please note: This category was created from the 'Family and Lifestyle' and 'Health and Medical' categories after entries closed.

Beshara, The National

Brummie Mummies, Reach plc

Financial Times: Sort Your Financial Life Out with Claer Barrett, Financial Times

Mirror Health, Reach Plc

RV Lifestyle Magazine e-Newsletter, Taylor Publishing Group

Strong Women, Stylist

Stylist Loves, Stylist

Best Hobbies & Special Interest Newsletter

This award celebrates newsletters that are targeted at specific interests and pastimes, from gardening tips to angling, crafting to stargazing.

France Today Newsletter, France Media Group

Hannah's Weekly Word, GoFar Enterprises

Money Distilled, Bloomberg

Off the Charts, The Economist

Sneaker Game, Boardroom

The Morrissey Mercury, The Morrissey Mercury

Which? Money, Which?

Working It, Financial Times

Best Local & Community Newsletter

Newsletters have an important part to play in reaching and engaging local communities. These newsletters are smashing their community outreach.

Daily Newsletter,

Emirati, The National

Rising Waters, The Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C., U.S.A.)

Rough Draft Atlanta, Keith Pepper

The Argus Subscriber Exclusive, Newsquest

The Bridge, Wendy Robertson

The Weekly Dispatch, Social Spider Community News

This Week in Waltham Forest, Social Spider Community News

Untold Stories, Reach PLC

Your Community Matters, Baylis Community Media CIC

Best News & Analysis Newsletter

For newsletters that keep their audiences informed about the latest news on a weekly basis, whether that’s regular news updates or deep dive analysis of world events.

Please note: This category was created from the general 'News' category after entries closed.

Dispatches, The Telegraph

Editor's Newsletter, National World

Global Digest, The Week

IT Sunday, The Irish Times

Positive Newsletter, Positive News

The War Room, The Economist

This is Planet Earth with Nada Farhoud, Mirror Online

Weekend Reads, MIT Technology Review

Best Politics Newsletter

This award recognises the unique work that goes into delivering a newsletter that keeps readers up-to-date within the rapidly shifting political landscape.

Alright, Gov?,

Checks and Balance, The Economist

Evening Blend, The Spectator

Inside Politics, Financial Times

Inside Politics, The Irish Times

Swamp Notes, Financial Times

The Knowledge, DMGK Ltd

The Northern Agenda, Reach Plc

The Readout, Bloomberg

The Steamie, National World

The Telegraph Politics Newsletter, The Telegraph

The Will Hayward Newsletter, WalesOnline

Best Science & Technology Newsletter

From in-depth analysis of the newest developments in high-tech to consumer-focused trends, this category showcases the best technology and science newsletters.

Atlantic Intelligence, The Atlantic

China Report, MIT Technology Review

Exporter, Rest of World

Imagine, The Conversation UK

Immersive Wire, Immersive Wire

Tech Talk, Boardroom

The Algorithm, MIT Technology Review

The Climate Graphic: Explained, Financial Times

Best Solo* Newsletter

Some of the best newsletters in the media and publishing space are produced by individuals, and this award recognises the contribution made by these solo experts.

*Publishing/media commentator

Everything in Moderation*

Immersive Wire, Immersive Wire

Inside the Creator Economy

The Nutgraf

Best Sport Newsletter

From match-day updates to player predictions, these are the publishers feeding their audience’s thirst for sports through newsletters. 

Hannah's Weekly Word, GoFar Enterprises

Inside Welsh Rugby, WalesOnline

Kings of Anglia, Newsquest

Scoreboard, Financial Times

The Telegraph Cricket Newsletter, The Telegraph

The Valiant, Reach Plc

Strategic Awards

Best Newsletter Launch

We love launches. Here are some of the best newsletter launches from publishers over the past 12 months.

CLTtoday, 6AM City


Chris Giles on Central Banks, Financial Times


How To Work, Stylist


In History, BBC Studios


Morning Report/Evening Review, The Week


Something Good, The Conversation UK


The France Today Members newsletter, France Media Group


The London Rush, Bloomberg UK at Bloomberg News


The Valiant, Reach Plc


Time-Travel Thursdays, The Atlantic

Publisher Newsletter Hero of the Year 2024

Here are some of the industry's driving forces shaping publisher newsletter strategies and inspiring others in the newsletter sphere.

Annie Simpson, Stylist

Annie Simpson is a team of one responsible for creating all of Stylist's newsletters: the hugely successful Stylist Loves, How To Work, The Watch List, The Sunday Supplement, Strong Women, Stylist Daily. She leads on idea generation, with a hugely impressive, intuitive knowledge of exactly what our subscribers want to receive on their inboxes, on strategy, on growth, and on tweaks to the design and send of each newsletter to make sure it's the best it can possibly be. Annie juggles requirements from commercial, editorial, and development teams, and remains agile for whatever last-minute change is thrown her way. This year, Annie has also led the way on the launch of two new newsletter verticals: How To Work, which has already built up an ultra engaged subscriber base, and Motherhood by Stylist (launching this summer). She is vital to Stylist's success.
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Debra Fox, National World

This has been a challenging year for Debra as her role changed from one with a regional focus to one working from the centre of a new national structure, covering areas of the country she was not familiar with owing to a structural reorganisation. What's more her new manager then left the business, creating further uncertainty around her role. Throughout all that, she has displayed an unbeatable work ethic and best practice in every element of what she does. She took on every new newsletter with the same professionalism as the ones she was familiar with and had been managing for years. She also stepped up to organise her new team members into a rota to ensure no sends were missed over several months, including Christmas. What's more, she did all that with a smile on her face and a determination to always ensure our newsletters are the best they can be for our readers.
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Elinor Sheridan, France Media Group

As Newsletter and Social Media Editor, Elinor is the driving force behind all newsletters for France Media Group (FMG), overseeing and often putting together no fewer than seven regular email campaigns (weekly and monthly) attached to FMG's magazines and websites as well as occasional promotional and marketing emails. Her knowledge in marketing strategy and her skills in editorial and writing content as well as her creativity mean she has time and again come up with amazing ideas to keep our audience engaged and drive readers to our content. She's an invaluable member of the team and FMG would be lost without her! She goes above and beyond in many aspects of her role, accompanying the different editors with their newsletters, suggesting new ideas and strategies to develop our publishing activities.
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Hannah Jones,

InYourArea editor-in-chief, Hannah Jones is the hero behind the voice and tone of InYourArea’s editor's newsletter which is sent to 2.95 million registered readers each month. Launched in September 2023, this new voice and tone offers a personal view of a trending or topical issue which, in turn, promotes aspects of the InYourArea platform. Its long-form format is completely different to InYourArea’s previous monthly offerings and aims to deepen the relationship with our audience. It is also unique to Reach Plc’s portfolio of newsletters. Hannah shares stories from her personal life in a lighthearted, sensitive and often humorous way. It’s not so much the sharing of an opinion or even expressing a specific point of view but more her take on everyday situations. A sharing of experiences and observations on daily life that people can relate to. She has a magical way of sharing first-person experiences that resonate with our audience prompting an influx of replies from readers, more often than not sharing their own experiences. Not only does she encourage replies, she makes sure every single one is responded to, if not by herself but by one of the wider team. Each newsletter is carefully curated with collaboration from both the editorial and product development teams, subtly promoting aspects of InYourArea and driving thousands of readers back to the platform, increasing daily and monthly readership figures. Hannah’s musings are so popular they generate 5-Star Trust Pilot reviews and cement the relationships we have with our readers. This offers a nationwide audience a warm welcome into the arms of the informative, super-friendly and hyper-local community of InYourArea.
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Jon Connell, The Knowledge

As the founder of The Week, Jon Connell has successfully brought the formula he invented at The Week up to date in a daily newsletter – The Knowledge selects the world’s best media stories, digests them in the clearest, and liveliest way, enabling his readers to be on top of the news from multiple global sources in just five mins a day.
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Maire Bonheim, The Telegraph

Maire’s innovative approach to newsletters has transformed The Telegraph’s newsletter portfolio’s offerings. She has shown outstanding commitment and dedication to both the success of our newsletters and the editorial needs of The Telegraph. Her inspiring leadership has shaped a dynamic, experimental and ambitious team. In the first few months after taking up the role, Maire managed the newsletter portfolio with just one other team member, impressively maintaining a diverse portfolio of over 30 newsletters and pivoting agilely between projects and priorities to support wider business aims. Maire is an expert at developing audiences and finding new tactics to boost engagement. She is constantly reassessing the portfolio and within the past month alone she has led the creation of two innovative and stunningly successful new newsletter series to support a new major editorial lifestyle proposition. Under Maire’s leadership, the newsletter team has since expanded and developed massively. From only two newsletter editors, she’s grown it to a large and skilled team of eight people. She’s given early-career journalists opportunities and responsibilities - and the support and encouragement to succeed - which has supercharged the team's ambition and delivery. She’s implemented guidelines for the team to shadow desks across the newsroom to improve cooperation and share knowledge. Her collaborative approach is well-respected in the newsroom.
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Will Hayward, WalesOnline

When WalesOnline decided to launch it's first personality-led newsletter, we knew there was no-one better to lead it than Will Hayward. And he jumped at the opportunity. We have a portfolio of 24 newsletters on topics from rugby to food, but this was also our first foray into the world of Substack - and subscriptions. We wanted to create a premium offering of quality journalism that paying readers would get value from. Will has not only delivered on this, harnessed his social media following to build up a large subscriber base - but he has also broken several exclusive stories along the way. His newsletter looks in depth at big issues facing Wales like the health service, education and the decline of rural Wales - and the paid-for model has given him the breathing space to to work on significant investigations and analysis. In the short time it has been going it has already become agenda setting within Wales. It was the exclusive coverage in this newsletter that led to the head of S4C stepping down. It was this newsletter that exposed the private money bankrolling Wales’ new First Minister. It has made complex issues accessible to readers and it has had an extremely positive reaction.
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