We’d love to welcome you on board as a sponsor to the inaugural year of the Publisher Newsletter Awards, bringing the brightest and best in the industry together for a day celebrating innovation in newsletters.

The event will be in-person in London in July 2023. We have a number of sponsorship options available, from programme inclusions and individual awards to the whole event.

The team behind this event have had four successful years running the Publisher Podcast Awards, and held our first Summit in October 2022 which has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees and sponsors. We know publishers, and we know how to put on an event which serves their needs and celebrates their achievements.

Please contact Peter Houston on peter [at] voices.media to get our brochure and find out more about working with the Publisher Newsletter team.

Our sponsor

We are delighted to welcome Bridged Media as a sponsor of The Publisher Newsletter awards. Bridged uses a no-code AI to map the intent of your recurring audience and convert their attention into quality subscriptions and more revenue.