Our judging panel is a mix of newsletter experts, marketing whizzes, editorial masters and talented writers. Read on to find out why they believe newsletters are such an important medium for publishers…

Sian Meades-Williams
Newsletter expert / author

“Newsletters are such a vital format for publishers! The immediate connection to readers is so important in fostering community and engagement, and a mix of original journalism and curated content is a huge boost for publishers both commercially and editorially.”

Jendella Benson
Head of Editorial, Black Ballad

“Given the age of information overload that we live in, newsletters are a precious opportunity for an intimate conversation directly with your audience. Your readers have invited you into your inbox, so you can deepen an existing relationship, which is important for publishers to do with all the challenges that the current media landscape presents.”

Anna Masing
Freelance writer

“Newsletters give a space for those that aren’t often heard in the mainstream media, which in itself is exciting and therefore we should relish and celebrate newsletters as an important medium! And they also allow a little more freedom in the way a writer is able to express themselves, allowing the reader into a slightly more ‘behind the scenes’ of a writer, or researcher, etc – it is more personal, which helps build a deeper understanding into some really great, niche, subjects.” 

Rich Whitworth
Content Director, Texere Publishing

“Yes, it’s 2023. And despite all the advanced technology at hand – generative AI nipping at our heels – the humble newsletter lives on. Why? Receiving a good newsletter packed with intelligently curated news or insights from someone we trust or respect is increasingly valuable in days spent swimming through the Great Pacific garbage patch we call the internet. For those content creators who are able to deliver a great newsletter? Well, their ever growing audience is a potential pot of gold/goodwill – and the world is their oyster.”

Andy Griffiths
Founder, Champion Newsletters

“Newsletters are probably the single most useful tool available to a publisher looking to diversify revenue and support their main activity, whether it be a newspaper, magazine or website. Sexy they’re not, but the calm, measured engagement potential of the opted-in, push-powered newsletter far exceeds the shallow, dopamine-driven frenzy of reels and infinite scroll. I’m looking forward to celebrating best in class publisher newsletters as a judge for these timely awards. As you may have noticed, I’m a newsletter evangelist!”

Käthe Lemon
President / Co-Owner, Redpoint Media

“Newsletters continue to be of growing importance for publishers because they provide a direct connection to readers and overcome different hurdles than the other channels that should be a part of the mix for all publishers. Unlike social platforms, the publisher controls the audience list and the relationship. Unlike a website, the content comes to the reader rather than the reader needing to seek it out. And unlike print, the cost of production is related directly to the publisher’s work (creating high-quality content) rather than a huge chunk getting eaten up with the cost of paper, printing and distribution.”

Arusa Qureshi
Freelance writer and editor

“Newsletters are a fantastic way for publishers to reach audiences in a more personal and sometimes, relaxed way. Plus, newsletters can often provide a bit of respite from the daily chaos of our inboxes!”

Ellie Kime
Writer & founder of Eleanor Mollie & The Enthusiast

“In the attention economy, being allowed into people’s inboxes is a privilege we shouldn’t take for granted. For too long we’ve seen newsletters as purely sales machines, when actually they’re so much more: a perfect tool for connection, nuance, expression and expansion, among other things.” 

Marcela Kunova
Editor, Journalism.co.uk

“I’m excited to see more and more publishers creating newsletters that are beautiful and useful standalone journalism products rather than just glorified clusters of links. I hope that rewarding these efforts will inspire more newsrooms to reimagine their newsletters and come up with smarter ways to serve their audience.”

Mark Stenberg
Senior Media Reporter, Adweek

“Newsletters play a critical role for publishers as they seek to establish and bolster direct relationships with their readers. Email acts as a powerful source of first-party data, and it offers consistent traffic in an uncertain social media landscape.” 

John Innes
Executive Director, Think

“Email is an opportunity to create a direct and personal connection with a reader, by providing high-quality content and delivering it straight to subscribers’ inboxes, newsletters can help build brand loyalty and keep readers engaged. Get that engagement right and you remove one of the biggest barriers to retention.”

Hanna Andersen
Writer & Social Researcher

“In amongst the spam and the junk, a thoughtfully curated newsletter is a thing of beauty. They bring the best writing on the internet directly into my inbox, without me having to go searching – what could be better than that?”

Kevin Curtis
Head of Product

“Newsletters are a crucial channel for publishers due to their ability to establish a direct and personalised connection with audiences, generate revenue and drive traffic to a publisher’s Website or App. By leveraging newsletters, publishers can build and grow their audience, establish trust and loyalty with their readers and make data-driven decisions about their content strategy.”

Ralph Cunningham
Writer & Editor, Sands Street Media

“Newsletters play important and different roles for writers, journalists and organisations alike. I have greatly enjoyed discovering and following new voices and topics through this vital publishing form. I am looking forward to perusing all the great entries for these awards and marvelling at their authors’ inventiveness in bringing their writing, investigations and data to the widest audiences possible.”

Richard Jamieson
Director: Media & Publishing, New Statesman Media Group / Press Gazette

“I think newsletters represent a fantastic opportunity for publishers to grow their audiences, communities and revenues. They provide your readers with a flavour of the great content you are producing which in turn may lead to increased subscriptions. For commercial partners/sponsors they can act as a superb platform to promote their solutions to an engaged audience.”

Bo Sacks
Magazine columnist

Helen Perry
Founder, Helen Perry

Chris Waiting
CEO, The Conversation UK

Sarah Ebner
Head of Newsletters, Financial Times

Alistair Reid
Digital Editor, The Big Issue

Adeola Sole
Senior Marketing Consultant, Holistic Marketing

Sarah Dunton
Newsletters, The Washington Post

Ryan Heafy
Co-Founder & COO, 6AM City

Holly Catford
Editorial Designer